Our Vision



The Kortshagen group explores new approaches to renewable energy technology by exploiting the unique advantages of so-called plasmas, ionized gases produced in electrical discharges. The group's research ranges from studying materials for future 3rd Generation solar cells, to improving materials for current solar cell technology, to studying plasma-synthesized substances for thermoelectics (the generation of electricity from waste heat), to manipulating aerodynamic flows to enhance the efficiency of gas turbines. As many of the materials-related studies performed by the Kortshagen group utilize the novel properties of nanostructured substances, this work is typically referred to as Energy Nanotechnolgy. The efforts of the Kortshagen group span the entire range of activities starting from producing materials, through characterizing their properties, to finally testing the materials in energy conversion devices. At the same time, basic plasma studies help gain a better fundamental understanding of the unique role that plasmas play in the areas studied.